Creative Director, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting Inc.

EVP, Creative, WD Partners

Eric is a highly accomplished retail design professional. With expertise as a creative concept developer and team leader, he excels in crafting visually stunning and functional concepts, communications, places and media to increase brand performance. Eric strongly advocates for inclusive designs that seamlessly integrate physical, human, and digital elements, creating captivating experiences for clients and their customers. One of Eric's key strengths is his commitment to active listening and continuous le arning. By understanding and valuing client perspectives, he effectively applies design thinking to create empathetic and profitable experiences. As an industry thought leader, Eric's global speaking engagements and publications have significantly impacted the approach to retail solutions, highlighting the importance of innovative experiences for achieving success. Eric's focus on empathy and his ability to create scalable and impactful solutions consistently lead to exceptional client outcomes, establishin g him as a trusted partner and visionary who continues to shape the ever - evolving retail design industry.