Jay Highland

Creative Executive | WD Partners

A proven creative executive with decades of experience building brands, Jay Highland is both an orchestrator and a catalyst. Endlessly fascinated by the art of creative collaboration, he encourages radically different ideas and points of view. With a potent combination of retail expertise, creative vision, and account leadership, Jay instinctively understands how to build relationships between brands and consumers, harnessing the power of physical experiences as a vital brand asset.

He motivates and directs teams toward a common goal, finding intersections between shoppers’ needs and desires and strategic retail objectives, always with a curated visual aesthetic. Jay’s wide range of experience encompasses all phases of the retail strategy and design process, from initial concept creation to prototyping and scaled implementation. He builds strong relationships on all account and partner teams, providing direction to all disciplines and ensuring the integrity of the conceptual strategy, crafting tailored solutions to every brief.