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Roundtable Topics

This year, IRDC's lively Roundtable discussions will be held virtually powered by Zoom Meetings. Attendees will have an amazing opportunity to learn from and network with industry peers, even at a time when we can't meet face-to-face. Hosted by VMSD Advisory Board members, editorial staff and conference sponsors, the Roundtables are the perfect forum for exchanging problems and solutions, best and worst practices, and challenges unique to your retail sector or design specialization. 


Here are the 2020 Roundtable Topics:  

  • Diversity/inclusion in the design profession
  • Diversity/inclusion and retail spaces
  • Creating personalized experiences at retail
  • Building communities via retail
  • Retail and events: what does the future hold?
  • Visual merchandising trends and inspiration
  • Expressing your brand’s purpose in the store environment
  • Small format retail innovation
  • Changing shopper behavior in the age of COVID
  • What is VM’s role in a “contactless” environment
  • Resale, repurpose and upcycling
  • Designing for flexibility/modularity
  • Mixed-use spaces and retail
  • Digital and physical convergence in retail
  • The future of the shopping center/mall
  • Consumer insights & data-driven design
  • Pop-up and temporary retail for innovation
  • What can we learn from digital native brands
  • Localizing your brand at retail
  • The changing role of the physical store