Judy Bell

Chief Energetic Officer | Energetic Retail

Judy Bell is the CEO (Chief Energetic Officer) of Energetic Retail. In her half-day workshops she combines her insights on neuroscience and human behavior to deliver a holistic plan of action. Silent Selling, ED 6, her college textbook, was released in 2022. It features her pioneering work with color palettes and creative thinking how-to’s. It also introduces Neuroscience Pop-Ups, Designer’s Pet Peeves and Creative Wizards. Formerly at Target for 22 years, she specialized in inspiration and traveled the globe in search of visual merchandising trends. Judy received the Markopoulos Award in 1999 and was named a Design Luminary in 2006. Annually she judges the Winning Windows holiday competition in Manhattan. Learn more at www.markopoulosaward.com and www.energetic-retail.com