Samar Younes

Polymath artist, creative catalyst, and futures curator | SAMARITUAL

Samar Younes is a polymath artist, creative catalyst, and futures curator, celebrated for her intricate fusion of cultural contrasts and kaleidoscopic identities, along with her emphasis on modern Eastern representation. Guided by a profound interplay of textures, materials, and inspirations, her work poetically blurs the lines between the various vernacular aesthetic-based disciplines by exploring them through each other's lens, craft and method interconnecting themes around humanity, planet, and technology. As the force behind SAMARITUAL, an NYC-based atelier, Samar's expertise in future-oriented artistic direction delves into the convergence of art, culture, and design, orchestrating a harmonious dialogue between artificial and artisanal intelligence.

An alumna of Central Saint Martins, Samar's diverse background spans architecture, visual communication, scenography, and decades leading creative teams. Her creations often reside at the intersection of fashion and architecture, fueled by an array of influences, reshaping cultural narratives and skillfully interweaving intricate human-planet-machine dialogues that bridge history and innovation.

Samar's practice thrives on generative creativity, biomimicry, and cross-cultural dynamics, fostering imaginative storytelling, interconnectedness and visionary world-building. Her influence transcends traditional boundaries, leveraging the transformative power of art and creativity for a relentless pursuit of wellness and interconnectedness.